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From €582,65

Including 9% taxes

🏠 The room is 9 square meters
Short stay; minimum of 5 month
and a maximum of 12 months
🧍 The room is for 1 person
🔑 Everything is included in the price

(There are only additional costs when using the laundry room.)

About the rooms

The furnished rooms are located on the first and second floors of the Philosophicum. They include a bed with a mattress, pillow, and sheets, a wardrobe, a desk with a chair, and basic kitchenware like mugs, glasses, plates, forks, knives, and spoons. All rooms have central heating and a window that can be opened for fresh air. The rooms are situated on both sides of a long corridor in the middle of the building and have their own locks.

The shared facilities

The fully equipped shared facilities at Philosophicum include three toilet groups on both ends and in the middle of the corridor on both floors. The shared bathroom has eight lockable shower cabins with a small changing area, a toilet and sinks. In addition, you will have access to a shared kitchen with a stove, hood, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, and dinner table, along with shared kitchenware. Depending on the location of your room, you will have access to one of two small kitchens on the second floor or one of the kitchens in the main kitchen on the ground floor. There are also two large lounge areas on both ends of the second floor and two study areas on the first floor. Wi-Fi is available throughout the building, including in the private quarters. Located on the ground floor, the laundry room features washing machines, dryers, and an iron/ironing board. Please note, these facilities are not included in the rent. A wash cycle including detergent costs €2.50, and drying is €2.


Fast free WiFi
Free gym
Social spaces
Study room
Outside area

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I opt for a room?
Fill in the application form and return it to stating your requested start and end date accompanied with a copy of your ID.
2What is included in the rent?
Enjoy exclusive access to your fully fitted room, shared common areas, and our special gym facility, all inclusive of Wi-Fi and utilities.
3How do I pay the deposit and the rent?
We will send you an invoice stating all relevant details regarding the payment.
4When will I get my deposit refunded?
After returning the room back to us we usually refund the deposit within one or two weeks.

The location

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