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Why Dijnselburg

As a student, you want to focus on your studies and not worry about finding suitable accommodation. At Student Housing, we understand this, and provide comfortable and affordable housing during your studies in Utrecht.

Moreover, our service is focused on making your stay in Utrecht as pleasant as possible. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or issues. On top of that, we regularly organize fun activities and events to make your student life even better.

In short: count on Student Housing for an affordable, comfortable accommodation and a great student experience in Utrecht.


The rooms

At Student Housing, we offer a comfortable and cozy living environment! You will have your own room with a bed, desk & chair, and a closet to store your belongings. In addition, you will also have access to shared bathrooms and kitchens. Besides these amenities, we also provide study spaces and living rooms to relax, study, and meet new people. There is also a complimentary, brand-new, fitness area for you, so you can stay fit and unwind.

🏠 9 square meters
Short stay
🧍 1 person
🔑 Everything is included in the price

(There are only additional costs when using the laundry room.)

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Join our students community!

Become a part of our community! We regularly organize meetings, parties, study afternoons, BBQs, Beer Pong and many other fun activities. Interested? Join our student-managed WhatsApp group and be the first to receive information about all these events and more. Plus, via these group it is super easy to connect with each other. Join our community and let’s create a nice community on campus!

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A short stay

To rent a room at Student Housing, you must be either an foreign exchange student or a foreign graduate student enrolled at Utrecht University or Hogeschool Utrecht, as previously mentioned. All rooms are rented out on a Short Stay Housing Agreement, with a minimum duration of five months and a maximum duration of twelve months. Extend your stay! As long as you're under a 12-month contract, you can request to lengthen your tenancy. Just make sure you do it two months before your original move-out date, and remember, departures are always set for the end of the month. But please, stick to the agreement rules and our T&Cs. Violations might affect your approval of your extension request.

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