1How can I opt for a room?
Fill in the application form and return it to rooms@landgoeddijnselburg.nl stating your requested start and end date accompanied with a copy of your ID.
2What is included in the rent?
Enjoy exclusive access to your fully fitted room, shared common areas, and our special gym facility, all inclusive of Wi-Fi and utilities.
3What is not included in the rent?
The use of the washing machine is not included in the rent.
4How much does it cost to use the washing machines?
The price we charge for a wash cycle is €2.50 (including detergent) and for a drying cycle, €2.00.
5How do I pay the deposit and the rent?
We will send you an invoice stating all relevant details regarding the payment.
6When will I get my deposit refunded?
After returning the room back to us we usually refund the deposit within one or two weeks.
7Can I get to Dijnselburg by using public transport?
Yes. For convenient transportation to Dijnselburg, you can easily take a bus. For detailed information on routes, timings, and fare, please see 9292.nl where you can also plan your journey effectively."
8How long will I take to cycle form the city centre of Utrecht towards Dijnselburg?
Approximately 35 minutes on bicycle path. At Dijnselburg you can park your bike behind the chapel.
9Are here any shops nearby?
The shopping centre “Vijheidsplein” is located in Zeist just on the other side of the highway and offers the following store, amongst others; a grocery store, a bookstore, a butcher, a liquor store and a bakery.
10What is the travel time between the city centre of Utrecht and Dijnselburg?
When using public transport, it will take about 45 minutes. When using a bike it will take about 35 minutes.

Is your question not listed?

You can reach us by telephone by calling +31346557162 on weekdays between 09.00 CET and 17.00 CET or by sending us an e-mail to rooms@landgoeddijnselburg.nl